Abuse of Power

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Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston must go. If he doesn't resign, authorities should charge him.

That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

First of all, it pains me to continue reporting on the subject of priest pedophilia and the cover-up thereof. I am a Roman Catholic, former altar boy, and for hundreds of years the O'Reilly family has been loyal to the church. And right now, the world needs to hear what the Catholic Church puts forth, the doctrine of right and wrong and self-sacrifice for the good of others.

Too many of us have forgotten the tenets of good and evil and have succumbed to the gross selfishness the world provides. The Catholic Church, in its pure state, is a strong advocate of charity and kindness.

But the church has been corrupted by weak, selfish leadership, and enough is enough. In yet another inexcusable incident, Boston's Cardinal Law oversaw the transfer of an accused pedophile priest from New England to California. Apparently the Cardinal knew that a priest named Paul Shanley had a history of molesting young boys. In fact, Shanley was even bold enough to address the North American Man-Boy Love Association, NAMBLA.

Yet Cardinal Law failed to tell church authorities in California about any of that, even though the Boston diocese had paid damages to some of the boys Shanley had allegedly molested.

Law even wrote a recommendation for Shanley citing his, "impressive record." The cardinal knew Shanley personally, as demonstrated by this picture, and continued to support him even after church authorities in California removed him from office. In fact, Law wrote to Cardinal O'Connor of New York, and Shanley got a new job at a church guest house in Manhattan where young men stayed.

So far, 26 accusers have come forward to say that Shanley molested them as children. He finally left the church and is now reportedly living in San Diego.

There is no question, no question that Cardinal Law covered up this man's terrible crimes and allowed him to keep committing them. If Cardinal Law does not resign his office, I hope some prosecutor steps up and charges him with conspiracy. The charge might not stick, but it would send a message that this kind of conduct is intolerable.

One final point. What kind of man stays in a position of power knowing that he is hurting the institution which trusted him? What kind of man does that? Cardinal Law is supposed to be a man of God, but his continued presence in office is damaging his church, perhaps beyond repair.

Any sincere cleric would take personal responsibility for his gross mistakes, ask forgiveness, and resign for the good of the church. Not Cardinal Law.

So now, responsible Americans have to weigh in. This man has to go, and if he doesn't leave, he should be indicted.

And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Next Monday is the deadline for our filing taxes, as you know. So I thought you'd like to hear this.

Among other things our government is spending our tax money on, $50,000 for a tattoo removal program in California. $450,000 to restore chimneys in Georgia. And $273,000 to combat Goth culture in Missouri.

So while you're using the calculator to figure out how much to send to Uncle Sam, you can consider the whole government spending situation to be a tad bit ridiculous.

And it is.

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