ABC, Duchvony, and Lance Bass

ABC, Duchvony, and Lance Bass in the you won't believe where's he going glare of The Foxlight.

Get the feeling that no one at ABC cares about the Sela Ward's show Once and Again? Co-star Susanna Thompson agrees. When the Foxlight sat down with her to talk about her new movie with Kevin Costner no, he didn't hit on herI asked. Here's what she said about the TV show that gets shuffled more than a deck in Vegas:

MCCUDDY: ABC is jerkin' you around. That's the greatest show on television that no one can find.

THOMPSON: Tell me about it.

MCCUDDY: Is that frustrating?

THOMPSON: I don't know if ABC is doing any of the jerking, but for some reason we're not getting the ratings and we're getting flipped around. I think we've moved maybe seven or eight times, different days, different time slots, and now we're off the air until March 4.

MCCUDDY: You're the Jehovah's Witness of television shows, knocking on different time slots. All across the dial.

THOMPSON: Saying 'Please Watch Us!'

And, the truth is out there for David Duchovny, and the truth is they must have given him a pile of money to come back for the finale of The X-Files. Fox says Mulder will reunite with Scully in the two-hour series finale airing May 19. Duchovny will also direct an episode of The X-Files airing April 28. So he really just wanted to direct.

Finally, move over Elton, Lance Bass of 'N Sync could be the new rocket man. He's in talks with Russian officials for a trip to outer space. They claim the odds of getting the singer a paid seat on the rocket in November are looking "very, very good."