A Year of Common Sense

Neil may be gone for the holidays… but his Common Sense lives on.

Here's a look back at his 10 most popular columns of 2004:

• No. 10: Quit Complaining

"It is human nature to sometimes feel miserable. And it shouldn't be human nature to make everyone else feel miserable too."

• No. 9: Bias Is Alive and Well

"FOX News gets routinely dumped on for covering news one way. Yet there's not a word about others who continue to lock lemming-step to "their" way."

• No. 8: It's About Living, Stupid

"I'm happy more of the jobless are finding jobs. I'd just be a lot happier if more of the terrorists were losing theirs."

• No. 7: Out of This World

"What if, for that one brief moment, ours suddenly seems like a smaller world?"

• No. 6: The Truth Hurts

"What I'm about to say will tick you off — some of you a lot..."

• No. 5: Those Who Live in Glass Houses…

"President Carter, I won't lecture you on healthy eating. Don't even attempt to lecture anyone, on proper leading."

• No. 4: Do You Like Me?

"People are people. They like to be around people they like, not people they don't."

• No. 3: The Face of Evil

"Those who wish us ill have no problem doing horrific things. So we should have no problem showing the world their horrific acts."

• No. 2: Back From Boston

"They warned me. Again and again, they warned me: Boston isn't a FOX-friendly town."

• No. 1: Putting the Country First

"Whatever your political differences, say this: John Kerry didn't win the nation's top job, but he did win something pretty meaningful: respect."