A U.N. Expansion?

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After all that the United Nation's (search) been through, you might think they’d be looking for ways to cut back rather than expand their operations.

But U.N. officials have been trying for months to renovate and expand their ritzy Manhattan headquarters. The plans include building a 35-story, 900,000 square foot building on a nearby park, in which the U.N. could conduct its business while renovations are made in the old building. After renovations are complete, in God knows how many years, the U.N. would move back into the old building and fill out the new building with new offices.

The whole thing would cost about $1.5 billion, give or take a few hundred million dollars. And U.S. taxpayers would foot 22 percent of the costs. But New York taxpayers may have the final word, because they hold the key to the city park on which the new U.N. building would be constructed. And last week, the New York legislature denied approval for the U.N. to use the park, even though New York Mayor Bloomberg (search) and President Bush lobbied in favor of the plan.

Here’s what one of the state senators said: "I don't get why anyone would want to give any approvals to this organization when it's continuing to come out that the different leaders within the U.N. have involvements with corruption and malfeasance.”

And that’s the Observer.

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