A Thank You Instead of a Screw You

I wonder what our troops must be thinking these days.

The tens of thousands deployed throughout the Middle East, what do they think of these protests and the Hollywood types saying we're making a big mistake?

I'll never forget when I was a kid in high school and an army recruiter came for career day. As he was leaving the building, someone yelled, "baby-killer!" The guy stopped momentarily. Slightly turned. But then moved on to his car and drove away, without ever saying a word.

The Vietnam War was raging at the time, so he was probably used to it. But it bugged me then and it bugs me now.

I'm not saying you have to be gung-ho for the war, but you should be very gung-ho about our people who go to war.

They are risking their lives so that you can have your marches and burn your flags and call your country every name in the book.

They are the reason why you have that right.

They are the reason why I'm here, pontificating on TV.

I've never served myself -- a quirk of birth, I guess. I was too young for Vietnam then, but not too old to feel lucky now.

I hope what I lack in service to my country, I make up for in gratitude to my country and the people who serve it. People who deserve a "thank you" a hell of lot more than they deserve a "screw you."

You see, you don't have to be in the parade, to appreciate the people marching in the parade.

The husbands, separated from their wives now.

The wives, separated from their husbands now.

The mothers and fathers, apart from their kids.

The kids, apart from their mothers and fathers.

Think of them the next time you call this country names.

Think of them the next time you burn a flag.

Think of them the next time you call this country a bully.

And think of them, the next time you talk about sacrifice.

Look at your own cozy life, then look at theirs.

Then before you act up, may I suggest you consider them, and just shut up.

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