A Solution to the Schiavo Case

A solution to the Schiavo case: that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

First of all, the federal judges are not going to overturn the Florida judges. So Terri Schiavo's days are numbered. But there is a solution to this tragic case if only reason would be applied.

Now I've studied the report given to Governor Jeb Bush by Dr. Jay Wolfson, a state appointed guardian for Terri Schiavo (search). And there's no question that the acrimony between Michael Schiavo (search) and Terri's parents is driving the story. They despise each other, have lined up allies to attack each other and the resulting fog is impossible to cut through.

But this whole ordeal can end right now if Michael Schiavo simply stops the litigation. He should stand up and say that he tried to implement his wife's wishes, but the greater good is now served by allowing her family to care for her as they want to do.

The family could then raise private funds to keep Terri alive and whatever happens, happens. What is the downside of doing that?

Michael Schiavo keeps his thesis that Terri did not want extraordinary care, but shows compassion. And Terri's family gets to keep her alive. Again, where's the downside?

So do that, Michael Schiavo. Rise above the bickering. Your wife can't feel anything. A miracle could happen. There is no more money involved. And you come off as a good guy. Otherwise, Terri Schiavo's going to die, the allegations and hatred will continue, and who wins with that? Nobody.

"Talking Points" is smart enough to know that emotion is driving the Schiavo story. And the whole truth will most likely never be known. Some politicians and media people have demagogued the situation. It's simply impossible to ascertain what Terri's wishes really were.

Those who say they know aren't being truthful, unless they can read minds. Nobody knows.

The root of the Schiavo case is, of course, abortion and euthanasia (search). The secular philosophy believes the state has a right to make life and death decisions. The Christian philosophy believes the opposite, that man should not interfere in the life cycle, ever.

That is why the Schiavo case is so emotional and bitter. It is a core battle between two opposed philosophies. That battle's never going to be settled.

But the Terri Schiavo case could be. Michael Schiavo can stop the madness right now. He should.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"...

I just received the latest sales figures for "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids" book. —More than 300,000 copies are now in print, a huge number for a children's book.— So, once again, we thank you, all of you, who have supported the project.

I continue to get mail from American kids every day telling me how much the book has helped them. I'll read one of those letters in a moment, but, once again, thanks for making “'The Factor' for Kids" a success, which is anything but ridiculous. — I really appreciate it.

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