A Smile and a Sense of Humor

Could I ask you a personal question? What do you look for in a friend?

When men and women are polled on this subject, the No. 1 quality that comes through time and time again is a sense of humor. I kid you not. Someone who'll make you chuckle, or laugh, or just smile.

What's amazing to me is that we value this quality in business as well as personal relationships.

An executive recruiter friend of mine says it's all the rage -- boards looking for CEOs who don't take themselves so seriously or pompously.

We seem to value relationships built on making us feel good, or at least better. It makes sense. Think about it: Do you like being around people who constantly complain, or moan, or lie, or cheat? I don't. They make me sick. And I avoid them at all costs.

Life is tough enough. I say, for God's sake, shut up already.

It is human nature. We prefer to be "friends with" -- and now apparently "work with" -- people who are "fun to be with."

My mother used to say, "Neil, make friends with people who are friendly." Come to think of it, she always said it with a smile.

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