A Sad Day for America in Georgia

The "Talking Points Memo": A sad day for America in Georgia. Over the weekend, thousands of people showed up for a Jesse Jackson (search) sponsored event that brought attention to the Voting Rights Act (search) that protested the state of Georgia now requiring a picture ID before allowing someone to vote. Two separate issues.

Now "Talking Points" admires the Voting Rights Act signed in 1965 by Lyndon Johnson (search) and wants the act extended forever and expanded to include every state. On this, we agree with Jackson and his supporters.

By the way, did you know that Senator Robert Byrd voted against the act in 1965? Not good, senator. But back to today. Unfortunately, the Jackson rally degenerated into a bash Bush fest, led by left-wing fanatics Harry Belafonte (search) and Judge Greg Mathis (search).


HARRY BELAFONTE, ACTIVIST: Bush is a tyrant. He gathers around him black tyrants. Then (INAUDIBLE).



GREG MATHIS, JUDGE: What they're doing is criminal. And as a judge I'm not going to stand back here and watch and not speak up against this injustice. They all need to be locked up because they're all criminals and thieves."


Both Belafonte and Mathis have an open invitation to explain their loopy remarks on this program.

There is, however, a serious issue amongst all the nonsense. As I mentioned, Jackson and some others are objecting to voters having to produce picture IDs in Georgia, but why?

This is an anti-fraud measure. And the state of Georgia says it will actually come to your house and give you an ID if you don't already have one. Sounds reasonable to me.

But no, far left pundits like Cynthia Tucker (search), the editorial page boss of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says asking for IDs will disenfranchise some minorities.

Tucker also says this. "GOP strategists have used dirty tricks against Native Americans, blacks, and Latinos, ranging from false reports of invalid registration to threatening legitimate voters with arrest. They've been doing it for years."

Well, that's simply outrageous and grossly unfair. The fact is that both parties have cheated in elections. And that is well documented.

My question is this — how can the Cox Corporation, which owns The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, have somebody that irresponsible as the editorial director? How can this happen in a large media company?

The truth is this. Valid picture IDs will cut down on fraud. Elderly and sick people can easily acquire them. And the whole issue is a fraud, but it serves the purpose of ideologues like Jesse Jackson and Cynthia Tucker who should be ashamed of herself. And that's what really this is all about.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Just a heads up about some recent newspaper articles concerning ratings for “The Factor”. We continue to be the highest rated program in the cable news universe.

But during July and August, I do take some time off. You may have noticed. You may not. Summer vacation is a great thing, but some dishonest and/or ill informed writers have used that time off to say our ratings are declining. Isn't that sneaky? It's also false.

Despite the days we're off, our numbers are up across the board thanks to you.

We've been on the air almost nine years here, and I have rarely read anything honest concerning this program, which is ridiculous. It makes me angry but there's nothing I can do about it except let you know when this ridiculous stuff happens.

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