Are You Ready For A Dirty Bomb?

I'm serious. If a dirty bomb went off in the city where you live, would you know what to do? How to protect yourself? Your children? Would you know what to do to get decontaminated? Where would you go for safety?

I thought long and hard about this after hearing of a new movie called "Dirty War:" It's airing Jan. 24 on HBO, and friends of mine who got to see an advance screening of it say it's riveting — they also say it's 100 percent realistic.

The director, David Percival (search), spent over a year researching what really happens to a city under attack from a radioactive device; he made this film as a realistic wake-up call to all of us so that we can better prepare ourselves. In "Dirty War" we watch as a dirty bomb goes off in London, thousands of people panic and emergency teams scramble; even though it's set in England, this movie could easily play out in Chicago or New York or Dallas (search).

So ask yourself, do you know what to do if, God forbid, something like this happens where you live? David Percival will be live on “DaySide” Friday and will take any questions or comments you have. Just e-mail them to me at: dayside@foxnews.com.

In other news, we're finally doing that segment I told you about days ago — on the Massachusetts town that's asking every single male resident to give a DNA swab (search) in order to help police solve a murder from 2002. Some residents are happily giving the swab; others are refusing, calling it an invasion of privacy. Police openly say that they'll be looking closely at those who refuse.

Another item we're covering is the phenomenon of "cyberbullying" (search). I don't have teenage kids, but I hear that this is the new wave of bullying in high schools — kids taking their arguments out into the Internet and text messages (as opposed to the old-fashioned way of arguing on the playground). From what I hear, this cyberbullying gets particularly vicious — to the point that some schools are calling in cyber experts to deal with this. Parents, let me know if this is something your kids are dealing with — help me out with specific details if you can.



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