A Real Pro

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We had a great show on Monday. OK, maybe it's not right for me to say "great show," but it felt great — how's that?

For once we were able to talk about issues other than hurricane devastation and that was a relief. We will never ignore the region — not by a long shot — but at least we can say that the two major cities that were thought to be set for destruction dodged a near knockout.

Today we discussed the price for the rebuilding projects with Senators Kyl and Vitter. We were able to go inside the evacuation with two National Guard officers and get the ugly details of what its like to lose it all with a Texas fisherman.

But, the headliner today was the most famous and successful person in sports: Tiger Woods (search). We were honored that Tiger put down his flatbed truck in front of our building and talked golf and life with us at "FOX & Friends." We not only heard about his new video game from EA Sports, but also had him square off with a 5-year-old golfer, who dreams of mirroring Tiger's career success. They asked us not to talk about his Dad or wife, but let me relay to you that he says his Dad is fighting hard and married life is great. As for the blond streaks in the hair, well his comment is classic for most 30-something guys, "I am having fun with it while I have it!" What you may not have noticed about Tiger is the pain he was in. His upper back was like a vice and, to his credit, he not only played four days of golf in D.C., but will be going strong all day in New York only to hop a plane to Vegas tonight.

Get ready for more book releases. E.D.'s is just weeks away as is my paperback. "The Games Do Count" will have letters (perhaps yours) written to me after the hard cover release along with a new forward and afterward. If you wish, you can scoop it up and get it signed on www.briankilmeade.com.

Keep watching and thanks for making us number one in cable news!


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