A Question of Choice

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John Kerry now says he believes life begins at conception. He also claims this view does not conflict with his support of abortion rights. But abortion rights activists may have trouble buying that argument.

In March, Sen. Kerry took time off from his campaign to vote against a measure that would make it a separate offense to harm the fetus in a federal crime committed against a pregnant woman. That legislation was opposed by abortion rights activists specifically because of its implication that individual human life, and the protections it should be afforded, begins before birth.

Sen. Diane Feinstein offered an amendment to the legislation that would have focused on the harm to the pregnancy rather than attempting to determine when life begins. In describing the importance of her amendment, Sen. Feinstein said, "Clearly, there is a concerted effort to codify in law the legal recognition that life begins at conception… This is the first step in removing a woman’s right to choice."

Sen. John Kerry, his views on the question of when life begins not withstanding, voted in favor of Sen. Feinstein’s amendment, which lost by one vote.

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