A Pox on Baseball

I feel compelled to say something about the baseball players' plans to strike.

The days are long gone that baseball players had to keep an off-season job selling insurance or cars. And people actually don't feel sorry for them anymore. They don't feel the players are being screwed by greedy and avaricious owners. They don't feel that players are being cheated out of their youthful peak earning years. They don't feel the players are good role models for the youth of America.

I think we're all over that boys of summer, frolicking on the greensward, diamond days, smell of the grass, cracking of the bat, pop of the glove crap. This strike is all about cha-ching and we are the ultimate source of the cold hard cash for that cha-ching.

Personally, I swore the game off years ago. If players would take away a World Series, if they care so little about the history of their own game, then to hell with them. I'll figure out something else to do.

I swore I'd never go back until all the players who struck in 1994 were out of baseball. Well, here they are striking again and I guess I'll never go back.

Fine. Life is short. Who needs this abuse?

So this time around I'm not hoping they will avoid a strike. I hope they do and I hope it all comes crashing down. I hope people don't go back. I hope teams go broke. I hope players end up filing for bankruptcy. I hope there is misery and agony among the greedy and arrogant.

A pox on the house of the players. A pox on the house of the owners. A pox on baseball. May it go the way of bridge -- a game no longer played and nearly completely forgotten. And you bridge players, don't write. I know you're still there, but everybody else gets what I mean.

And I mean it. May the national pastime just drop dead. May the people who play the game have to go out and get real jobs, with the real salaries that most other Americans live on. That would be justice, sweet justice.

In fact, I hope the players' association moves the strike date up. Tomorrow would be fine. It can't come soon enough.

That's My Word.

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