A Powerful Reminder From Mother Nature

It's still too early to gauge the exact amount of damage from Hurricane Katrina (search). But I'll tell you what: A lot of folks are just plain happy down in the South to have survived Katrina.

They've got their priorities right. After all, you can't much fuss about the possessions in your life if you don't have a life.

Calamities of all sorts tend to do that. They make you focus on what's important and dismiss what's not.

Far be it from me, the FOX News financial guy, to say finances aren't important. But living is more important.

It's why those who survive disasters or major illnesses tend to appreciate the fragility of life and just how lucky we are to have it, when we have it.

They say, if you've got your health, you've got everything. I say, if you've got your life, you shouldn't worry about other things.

Things you can rebuild. Lives, you cannot.

Storms remind us of that. Surviving them makes us appreciate that.

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