A National Disgrace...

A national disgrace, that is the subject this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

At the behest of the ACLU (search), federal judge Alvin Hellerstein (search) has ordered the government to release more pictures of the Abu Ghraib abuse. This, despite the fact that General Richard Myers (search), chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Hellerstein that the pictures would put U.S. military personnel in even more danger. And the general told us there's nothing new in those pictures.

At first, Hellerstein gave lip service to Myers, saying the general's concerns had to be taken seriously. But today, the judge rejected the safety of the troops saying, "Terrorists do not need pretexts for their barbarism."

Apparently, Hellerstein missed the Newsweek (search) Koran debacle, where 15 people were killed immediately after a bogus report by that publication, inciting impulsive violence is done on a case-by-case basis.

Now I'm so angry at Hellerstein's ruling, I cannot even describe it. First of all, I apologize to everybody American soldier all over the world on behalf of the vast majority of Americans who don't agree with Hellerstein and the ACLU.

Unfortunately, America is a divided country and there are elements in it like the ACLU, who will put soldiers in jeopardy for ideological reasons.

Hellerstein's a liberal judge, appointed by Bill Clinton (search). He and his wife have been consistent donors to left wing politicians. And the ACLU is thrilled to have him hearing the case. But all of that is no solace to young Americans risking their lives right now in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places. It is absolutely disgraceful that they should be facing even more danger because of this ruling.

Now maybe something good will come out of this. Hellerstein's ruling is so dangerous and irresponsible, the ACLU's crusade is so over the top, that perhaps Americans not angered by the far left before, will finally figure it out.

The far left element in America is a destructive force that must be confronted when it puts Americans in danger. There's no question Hellerstein has aided the terrorists by his ruling. No question at all. They can't wait to get these pictures. The BBC, CBC, French media, and many American newsrooms also can't wait. Why? Because the pictures will hurt the Bush administration. That's why. Once again, ideology trumps the safety of Americans.

Now I firmly believe most Democrats are as angry with Hellerstein's ruling as I am. I heard from some of them today on the radio. This is a far left problem, not a mainstream problem.

Finally, where the deuce is the Pentagon? How many generals stepped up today to denounce Hellerstein's ruling? They should be all over the media. There's an old adage in the military, look out for your guys. Are they looking out for their guys? And that's “The Memo.”

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

One month ago today, Hurricane Katrina (search) hit, and since then the wind has been unbelievable in the media. Just for fun, I had the "Factor" research staff check out to see just how many anti-Bush editorials and op-eds The New York Times has printed since the storm blew in. The number is 53. There have been 53 anti-Bush columns in the New York Times (search) in a month.

My question to that paper is why bother? Why not just put the bold letters up on the editorial pages, "We hate Bush." You don't need any back up. You hate him, we got it.

Ridiculous? Of course. Unless you're waiting for the 54th article.

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