A Nation of Litigation

You know, this whole Cracker Barrel mess got me thinking: we love to sue in this country.

Don't like being slighted by a waitress? Sue.

Don't like what someone is saying about you? Sue.

Don't like being passed up for a promotion? Sue.

Apparently when in doubt, have it out, in court. Maybe if you're lucky the other guy will settle and you'll be in the money.

It's a shame. And it's a sham.

There are plenty of things wrong in this country. I just don't know why they all have to be rectified by the courts in this country. There's got to be a better way. And I think I know one.


Your wallet. Your money. Your choice.

If you don't like a restaurant, don't go to it.

If you really don't like a restaurant, tell your friends not go to it.

If you really, really don't like a restaurant, tell people who aren't even your friends not to go to it.

I know it's not always that easy, or that black and white. But you'll be surprised how often it is. The power of your purse. The wallop of your wallet.

There are plenty of victims in this country and plenty more who like to play victims in this country. But that doesn't mean they are this country. Far from it.

It just seems odd to me, even offensive to me, that we file papers before we even try to exchange words. It's not only in restaurants. But businesses, companies, schools, towns, you name it.

I say, enough of it. Because we're all paying for it. Even those of us who don't sue. Especially those of us who don't sue.

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