A Misguided Memorial

The whole issue of what belongs in the Sept. 11 (search) memorial at New York's "ground zero" forgets this basic fact: It's a Sept. 11 memorial.

It's not an American slavery memorial or "what we've done wrong in the world" memorial.

It's meant to remember people killed on Sept. 11, period — end of story.

There are plenty of museums dedicated to other issues. Let this one focus on "this" issue: nearly 3,000 innocent people slaughtered. Doing anything else disgraces their memory and makes lunacy of their loss.

It would be like asking the Jews to build a museum dedicated to better understanding the Nazis — why they hated them and why they ended up gassing them by the millions.

Stop it and wake the hell up.

You may want to have tea with Charles Manson (search) and understand why Chuck thinks the way he does. But I don't.

Sometimes evil is evil and a monster is a monster.

You might want to get inside Chuck's head. I say, get a grip on your own. You'll no doubt find it's oddly dark up there. So let me spread a little light here:

There's evil out there and it wants to do a lot of evil here. It has no logic, no heart, no reason and no sense.

We should quit apologizing for who we are and start going after the people who want to destroy all we are. Not because they're nice chaps but precisely because they're not.

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