A Message for Bands That Boycott

The other night, I told you how San Francisco's mayor banned city employees from traveling to Arizona. But now, in a move meant to bring the state to its knees, the Montreal pop band Stars has tweeted that until its "racist new immigration law is repealed," they will boycott this state.

Look, I love Canada — it's where I keep my winter clothes — but they don't share a porous border with a troubled country possessing limited opportunities for its hardworking people. In 2008, do you know how many people illegally immigrated to Canada? I could count it on my hand, if I had 120,000 fingers.

There are four times as many in Arizona.

And you know what happens to Mexicans who try to seek refugee status in Canada? In 2006, only 28 percent of such claims by Mexicans were approved there, compared with 47 percent from all nationalities.

I wonder what Canadians have against them? Probably nothing, but even Yanks can play this game.

Look, racism sucks in all forms. I mean, imagine if you were a government who passed a law that actually excluded an entire race — say, the Chinese — from entering your country altogether for like 25 years.

I mean, that's gross. And, back in the 1920s, Canadian.

Finally, to all you boycotty bands: focus. In Iran, homosexuality is punishable by death and human rights groups estimate some 4,000 gays have been executed since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. In the summer of 2005, two teens were hanged in public, for being gay.

Pick real injustices instead of the stylish ones to rail against and the response might not be stifled laughter.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophone.

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