I have a few questons for wannabe president, Howard Dean (search )...

I want to know if he is really so against the war that he thinks Saddam Hussein should still be in charge in Iraq.

I want to know if he thinks Saddam really posed so little threat to Americans. Would Dean have just let him sit there plotting, figuring we could handle whatever came along — just like we handled 9/11?

I want to know if Dean is French, because he is using precisely the same language used by Jacques Chirac (search) and Dominque Devillepin (search) to describe the Iraq war. Dean says Iraq was a mistaken target, Chirac says the same thing... so what's going on?

I want to know if Dean really is going to turn the defense of this country over to Germany and France? If those countries say no to American action, is he then really going to say, "Oh well, Germany and France are in charge. I guess we can't do anything."

I want to know if Dean really hates the Bush tax cuts so much that he's going to suggest a tax hike? That's what repealing the tax cuts would be, so let's hear it... is he for higher taxes?

I want to know if Dean thinks President Bush's so-called oil buddies are so bad. Who are his oil buddies? Has Dean got some other big oil around to make sure Americans have gasoline at a reasonable price? And if so, who is that?

There's much more of this kind of stuff waiting in the closet. Let's see if we can make the good doctor lose that famous temper of his.

That's My Word.

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