A Big Hello to Our Canadian Viewers

A big hello, eh, to our Canadian viewers.

Turns out they're mad about my Canadian commentaries of the last few days.

If you missed them, let me recap... I said that the Canadians don't seem to get it. We are not that upset that they're upset with us, and we think they need us more than we need them.

So I got a lot of responses via e-mail...

The first from a Canadian... Dr. G:

At least we're not war-mongering hillibillies.

Then this from an American with Canadian relatives.

To Canadians who are reasonable -- I am sorry to be mad at your country, friend. To (the rest) -- get a life, go out into the real world -- maybe to some other "nice" country like Kuwait. Or try getting a job in France. Then you can come back... and thank us.

Warren Blasland

And from a couple of Canadians...

Remember that Canada is an image of what the U.S. would be like if Kerry had won. We're much too dependent on government, the eastern elites hold too much influence, and while the government pays for health care coverage, it does a bloody poor job of providing it.

Bob Holtby
Salmon Arm, BC

For the last couple of years, our media has been Bush bashing and making lots of money doing it. Can't blame them for that. But Canadians are a polite people. When your President directly thanked us last week for assistance following 9-11, he struck a chord in our hockey-starved hearts. I sense the bashing will lighten up a bit from now on.

D. Kenney Seabright
Nova Scotia

That's My Word.

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