911 Caller Who Found Bodies of McNair, Girlfriend: 'This Is So Messed Up'

A friend of Steve McNair who discovered the former NFL star's body along with that of his girlfriend after the couple died in a murder-suicide sobs and says "This is so messed up" in a heart-wrenching 911 call.

"Oh my God," the caller exclaims, weeping loudly and telling the dispatcher he has discovered the bodies of McNair and his 20-year-old mistress Sahel Kazemi in the football player's condo in Nashville, Tenn.

"There's two bullet wounds, two gunshots inside the wall," the caller says, at times gasping for air between sobs. "I hate to be the one to make this call. This is so messed up."

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Police say Kazemi shot McNair, 36, four times July 4 while he slept on the couch and then committed suicide because she was distraught over mounting financial problems and believed her married lover was having an affair with yet another woman.

Meanwhile, an officer tells Kazemi that McNair is "not happy" during a DUI stop captured on video two days before the murder-suicide.

Kazemi was pulled over early last Thursday and arrested on a drunken driving charge. McNair was a passenger in the car.

Police released video of the DUI stop after they announced Wednesday that Kazemi killed McNair and herself.

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In the video, Kazemi repeatedly asks an officer to have McNair come to the window of the police cruiser where she's sitting.

The officer responds, "He's not happy."

McNair, who wasn't charged, leaves in a cab without coming to talk to her. He later bailed her out.

Kazemi laughs and teases the officer but also says she's scared of going to jail.

Meanwhile, dozens of McNair fans donned Tennessee Titans gear as they lined up around a funeral home Thursday to honor the slain ex-NFL quarterback's accomplishments and charity work.

Inside the building, a closed silvery-gray casket topped with white lilies sat next to a portrait of the former Titans star.

A line formed around the corner and police were directing traffic around the north Nashville funeral home. Many mourners showed up wearing Titans jerseys and T-shirts to pay their respects to a man they say was a leader of the team.

Derrick Lewis said McNair "put the Titans on the map."

McNair's wife, close friends and ex-teammates are expected at a memorial service Thursday night at Mount Zion Baptist Church where the family has attended since moving to Nashville in 1997.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.