6-Year-Old Afghan Boy Outsmarts Terrorists

This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," June 26, 2007, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, "BIG STORY" HOST: The "Big Outrage": His name is Juma. Remember it and tell your kids about him. He's a hero and he's only 6 years old. Terrorists in Afghanistan tried to trick him into doing their dirty work, but they picked the wrong kid. "Big Story" correspondent Douglas Kennedy has more on the little boy who made a big decision and saved his own life and the U.S. troops.

DOUGLAS KENNEDY, "BIG STORY" CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, he definitely saved the U.S. troops and he also definitely saved himself after the Taliban terrorists put a bomb on his back and told him it was a toy. Now some say it's yet another sign of the complete depravity in the wicked world of Muslim extremists.


KENNEDY (VOICE-OVER): He has the smile of a happy 6-year-old, sweet and vulnerable, which may be why terrorists targeted him for a terrible trick.

"The bomb was placed in a vest and it was wrapped around my body and a wire was attached to my hand."

His name is Juma Gul and he lives with his family in southern Afghanistan. He said last month Taliban fighters forced him to wear a suicide vest which they told him would spray flowers on American soldiers.

MAJOR JOHN THOMAS, NATO'S ISAF SPOKESMAN: This is one incident. We hope it doesn't repeat itself, but it gives us reason to pause, to be extra careful.

KENNEDY: Luckily, Gul says he realized it was a bomb and he went straight to Afghan soldiers. But American military personnel are warning Afghan parents.

THOMAS: We want to publicize this as much as we can to the Afghan people so that they can protect their children from these killers who are willing to use children, exploit them and try to use them to bomb us.

KENNEDY: In the past, Taliban fighters have enlisted preteens as soldiers. And recently terrorists began turning more and more to women for suicide missions. Some have even been pregnant, others pretending to be pregnant. Still, some say trying to trick a tot to blow himself to bits may be a new low, even for the Taliban.

FRANK GAFFNEY, CENTER FOR SECURITY POLICY: It's disgusting, it's appalling, it's frightening what they're doing to their children.

KENNEDY: Frank Gaffney is president of the Center for Security Policy, a nonprofit group that identifies threats to national security. He says this is an important reminder to America about the kind of enemy we're fighting.

GAFFNEY: And I think the episode reminds us of the bloodlessness, of the ruthlessness, the mercilessness of these Islamofascists and why we must redouble our efforts to defeat them.

KENNEDY: He says men who are willing to kill their own children are capable of just about everything. He says we must keep that in mind, John, as we continue to fight terrorism.

GIBSON: Douglas Kennedy, thank you.

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