A 5-year-old Romanian boy has made the Guinness Book of Records after performing an incredible physical stunt.

The Daily Mail reports that Giuliano Stroe, who has been lifting weights since he was 2, set the record for the fastest ever 10-meter (33 feet) hand walk with a weight ball between his legs.

Stroe performed the stunt in front of a cheering live audience, and has become an Internet sensation as hundreds of thousands of people have watched the clip of him performing the stunt on YouTube.

Watch the video here.

Giuliano's father Iulian, 33, said he has been taking Giuliano with him to the gym ever since he was born, but he is careful not to push Giuliano too hard.

"He is never allowed to practice on his own, he is only a child and if he gets tired we go and play," Iulian said.

Giuliano is drawing comparisons to another child bodybuilder — Richard Sandrak . Nicknamed Little Hercules, Sandrak was declared The Strongest Boy In The World at age 3 in 1995, and could bench press 210 pounds at the age of 6.

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