3 Mexican Politicians Pose in Sexy Positions for Magazine

A trio of up-and-coming leftist female politicians have raised eyebrows in Mexico by posing in skimpy outfits and sexy positions for a men's magazine.

The most daring of the three, Brenda Arenas, a founder of the small Social Democratic Alternative party, posed in a semitransparent negligee, bra and panties.

"Today, we women have the right to decide about our bodies," Arenas told local media in defense of her appearance in the Mexican magazine "H Para Hombres." The photos were reprinted Thursday on the front pages of many of Mexico's main newspapers.

The newspaper El Universal wrote in a commentary that the other two — both Mexico City councilwomen — were using eroticism to increase their following.

The two city legislators — Alejandra Barrales and Lorena Villacicencio — are prominent members of the leftist Democratic Revolution Party.

Villacicencio posed in a feather-trimmed, low-cut lace bustier and jeans, while Barrales wore a tight skirt, strap heels and a low-cut lace halter.

Mexico City Mayor Alejandro Encinas refused to condemn the councilwomen, saying "everyone has the right to freely decide what to do with their life and their body." But he added, "I don't buy that kind of magazine."

On Thursday, a Mexican television aired a tape of a federal congressman getting in a fist-fight with a professional wrestler during the taping of a television show.