3-Foot, 5-Inch Man With Underdeveloped Legs Becomes an Arm-Wrestling Champion, Mountain Climber

Joby Matthew stands three feet, five inches tall – but that didn’t stop him from becoming an arm-wrestling champion, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Matthew, of Kerala, India, has proximal femoral focal deficiency, which means the leg is shortened due to a partially absent proximal femur bone.

But Matthew’s arms are so strong, he can jump up steps with his hands and do push-ups with just one hand.

Matthew, who just became a father, told the Telegraph he wouldn’t be were he is today without the support of his family.

"I was definitely given a lot of encouragement at home,” said the 126-pound man. "My home was located on top of a hill, and for a physically challenged person it wasn't the most conducive place for mobility.

“There were obstructions everywhere. I had to walk a quarter of a mile before I got to a real road and my mother used to carry me to school. That is how I made it to school in first year."

Matthew has collected gold and silver medals at several competitions and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. In fact, he is training to climb mountains.

His dream? Mount Everest, of course.

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