2006 FOX Features

January 2006

I'll Take a Venti Latte ... and a CD

Four Females Don't Always Equal Fans

Super Bowl Forces New Look at Sexy Ads

Doomsayers Predict Death of Movie Theater

Blinded by the White: Teeth Go Beyond Pearly

Take a Vacation Like the Stars

'Bubble' May Be Blown Out of Proportion

Dream Cars 2006: The Year's Wildest Rides

February 2006

TV Misses Mark Among Older Folks

First Stop, Fahrusha

Stephen C. Robinson and the Scent of Chinese Food

Predicting 2006, One Psychic at a Time

Thrilla by the Grilla

No Bull: Bull Riding Fastest Growing Sport

Stars Learn to Sing for Roles ... or Do They?

Valentine's Day: When You Gotta Get a Gift

In California, Clothing Is Optional

Celebrate Valentine's Day ... in the Dark

Hate Valentine's Day? You're Not Alone

Fall Fashion 2006: The '80s Are Still Back

New Elmo, Ken Doll 'Debut' at Toy Fair

'Novel' Tie-Ins Rev Up NASCAR's Image

Sometimes, Best Acting Is in Oscar Speeches

Mardi Gras Lives On in New Orleans

New Orleans Nightlife Coming Back

March 2006

Pink Power: TaB Is Back, Sort Of

Skull Fashion: Drop-Dead Gorgeous?

Winning an Oscar: Blessing or Curse?

Cinderella Goes to the Oscars

Cinderella Goes to the Oscars, Pt. II

Cinderella Goes to the Oscars, Pt. III

Celebrities Dabble in Online Dating

Vaudeville Vixens Get Fit With 'Burlesquercise'

Rock, Paper, Scissors, the Sport

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Julia Takes Pay Cut for Broadway Boost

Would-Be Priests Choose 'God or the Girl' on TV, Sort Of

April 2006

Fashion Goes to the Dogs

Muzak: It's Not Just for Elevators Anymore

Wear White ... Before Memorial Day

Who Will Be America's Next Sweetheart?

Extreme Ads Aim to Shock 'Em and Lock 'Em

Can Darts Score a Bull's Eye in the U.S.?

Peculiar Pageant Queens

Stars Call Attention to Single Women Adopting

Didn't 'Gigli' Teach Them Anything?

Ban May Force Caviar Lovers to Dine Down

'United 93' Opens, But Will America Watch?

Outkast Duo Latest 'Raptors'

May 2006

Superman Takes On Mona Lisa

'Groomsmen' Is One of Tribeca Festival's Feel-Good Films

It's Wilmer Valder-RAMA in Hollywood ... but Why?

Tribeca Documentaries, Dramas Explore War, 9/11 and Terrorism

Please Remove My Nonsensical Asian Tattoo

Perfect Mother's Day Gift? Time With the Kids

Slices With Life: Gourmet Pizza Heats Up

Now in Power: 'The Da Vinci Code' Regime

BASE Jumping: Not Suicide, But Sure Looks Like It

Tipplers Toast the Cocktail on Its 200th 'Anniversary'

Meet the New X-Babes

Psycho for Sudoku: Puzzle Craze Gets Own Tournament

Use a Pencil: Sudoku Tips

Premarital Therapy: Saying 'Help' Before 'I Do'

What Makes a Man Happy in Marriage?

Three Ways to Make Your Wife Happy

When the Wife's Star Shines Brighter

Brides Gone Wild, Grooms Gone Mild

June 2006

Men Design One-of-a-Kind Rings for 'The One'

3 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Aniston Movie Tie-In Leads to 'National Break-Up Day'

How to Propose: Tips for the Guys

Men Design One-of-a-Kind Rings for 'The One'

What Makes a Man Happy in Marriage?

Three Ways to Make Your Wife Happy

Swimsuits So Fine, You Could Wear Them to Dinner

The Dating Game: Intrepid Pair Try Techniques Old and New in Search for Love

Speed Dating: You Can't Hurry Love ... or Can You?

Online Dating: Is True Love Just a Click Away?

This Father's Day, Dads Just Want to Be Kids

Mannies Are the New Mary Poppins

Size 00: Sizes Shrink as Women Get Bigger

Rubik's Redux: Cue the Cube

Sloppy Is the New Chic in Hollywood

Superman: Man of Steel or Mr. Sensitive?

Acne-Fighting Chocolate and the Zit Zapper Become Reality

Starstruck Fight It Out With 'Team' T-Shirts

Devil Often Wears Business Suit in the Movies

July 2006

America's Got the Hots for Yachts

Pirates of the Clownibbean: Can Depp Do It Again?

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Berlin

London: How to See It On the Cheap

'Fancy' Foods Are Sugar and Spice ... and Mostly Everything Nice

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Hamburg

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: London

Celebrity Moms-to-Be Let It All Hang Out

Cell Phones Are the Latest 'Addiction'

'Rose-Colored Glasses' May Be a Reality

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Texas

August 2006

'Idol' Copycats Finally Achieve Success

From Cabo to Lake Cuomo: Celebrity Summer Vacations

Getting Sexy... at the Drugstore

How I spent My Summer Vacation: Alaska

Looking for Love on Vacation? Try Adventure Dating

'World Trade Center': Truth or Fiction?

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Paris

A Memphis Mafioso Remembers Elvis

A Date With the World's No. 1 Elvis Fan

Why Will 'Snakes on a Plane' Be a Hit? It's the Internet, Stupid

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Las Vegas

Katrina-Battered Slidell, L.a., Must Also Rebuild Arts Scene

F----Katrina: New Orleans Hip-Hop Remembers the Hurricane

Aaron Neville Remembers Pre-Katrina New Orleans

Bubble Trouble: Jay-Z's Cristal War

September 2006

Paying for A-List Stars Becoming Risky Business in Hollywood

Fall Fashion: Celeb Stylist Tells How to Get the Look

Fall Fashion: Edie Sedgwick With an '80s Edge

Spring Fashion 2007: Easy, Breezy, Feminine

Babies Rock Out to Hip Lullabies

October 2006

The Nation's Angriest Cities? Not What You'd Expect

Celebrities Shoot for the Stars ... Literally

Do 'Real Men' Wear Flip-Flops?

'Sex Diet' Claims Lust Can Make You Lean

Hollywood Goes to the Dogs

Readers Try to Unlock Code to 'Da Vinci' Sequel

More Celeb Costume Ideas

This Halloween, Look for Pregnant Stars, an 'Idol' and a Drunk Celebutante

8 Killer Do-It-Yourself Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Gravesite Tourism: Dead Celebrities Still Draw Crowds

November 2006

Celebrity Chefs Class Up Airline Food ... for Some

Wine-Flavored Chocolates Are All the Rage at 2006 Chocolate Show

The New James Bond: 00-Creepy?

Sports Divas Have Bats, Balls and Bad Attitudes

It's 'We Are the World' Again as Celebrities Aid Africa

Tech Gifts: What to Get the Geek Who Has Everything

Men's Gift Guide 2006: The Year of the Man

Seeing a Legend in Action: Bob Dylan

December 2006

The Business of Britney: Spears' Latest Oops May Cost Her

Playboy 'Girl Next Door' Holly Madison Knows What Women Want ... for the Holidays

Teen Gift Guide 2006: iPods, the Wii, Swarovski and More

Joy to the World: Christmas Festivity Across the Globe