05/05/05 FOX Poll: Moms Receive High Marks

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There is widespread agreement among Americans that their moms did an excellent job raising them. With Mother’s Day approaching, the latest FOX News poll asked respondents to rate the job their mom did bringing them up and, unlike the job ratings of most political figures in the news today that show divided national opinion, the public is united in giving positive marks to their mothers.

The poll finds a sizable 69 percent majority of Americans think their mom did an "excellent" job raising them, 22 percent say “good,” 6 percent “only fair” and 2 percent “poor.”

Generally there is agreement across demographic groups, with Southerners (74 percent), married women (73 percent) and self-described political moderates (76 percent) among those most likely to give their mom an “excellent” rating.

In addition, moderates are 6 percent points more likely than conservatives and 12 points more likely than liberals to rate mom’s job performance as “excellent.”

“Of course we have to take these results with a big grain of salt,” comments Opinion Dynamics President John Gorman. “If a mother did an excellent job raising her child, as my own mother did, she obviously produced an excellent person, as I am. People can be nice to their mothers and pat themselves on the back at the same time.”

Opinion Dynamics Corporation conducted the national telephone poll of 900 registered voters for FOX News on April 25-26.

When asked to compare their mother to two first ladies, almost half of Americans (47 percent) think their mom was more like Laura Bush than Hillary Clinton (21 percent) — with almost a quarter (23 percent) saying “neither.”

For those age 40 or younger, opinion is about evenly split: 36 percent Mrs. Bush and 37 percent Mrs. Clinton. The older the respondent, the more apt they are to say their mom was like Mrs. Bush and less apt to say she was like Mrs. Clinton (see chart).

And partisanship seems to play a role here, as most Republicans (71 percent) say their mom was more like Mrs. Bush and only 5 percent say Mrs. Clinton (18 percent say neither). Among Democrats, opinion is more closely divided — a 37 percent plurality says their mom was like Mrs. Clinton, 25 percent Mrs. Bush and 24 percent saying neither.

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