Who is the best basketball movie team of all-time? Play GM and find out...

So here's the deal: it's September, which means there is no basketball. How do basketball fans get through this dark time? A lot of hardwood classics, YouTube highlights, and basketball movies.

Speaking of basketball movies --€“ have you ever wondered: Who is the best fictional player ever? Well, I guess that's a pretty easy answer knowing that arguably the best player of all time (Michael Jordan) starred in Space Jam.

Let's take this a bit further...

By opening this post, you are now required to act as your expansion franchise's general manager and build the best basketball movie roster possible --€“ but there's a catch: just like the NBA, there is a salary cap. You are restricted to spending $25 max.

Below, you will find your choices from Hollywood's most famous basketball-centric films and/or fictional characters who famously demonstrate a superior grasp of the game at one point in the movie they star in.

Here are the options ($25 Dollar budget, Select 5 Players):


Michael Jordan, Space Jam


Neon Boudeaux, Blue Chips

Nerdluck Blanko, Space Jam

Butch McRae, Blue Chips


Shep, Above the Rim

Saleh, The Air Up There

Jesus Shuttlesworth, He Got Game

David Lattin, Glory Road

Kenny Tyler, The 6th Man

Shorty Russell, Sunset Park


Earl "The Goat" Manigult, Rebound

Ty Crane, Coach Carter

Jimmy Chitwood, Hooisers

Monster Nawt, Space Jam

Scott Howard, Teen Wolf

Jackie Moon, Semi-Pro


Sidney Deane, White Men Can't Jump

Billy Hoyle, White Men Can't Jump

Junior Battle, Coach Carter

Antoine Tyler, The 6th Man

Moses Guthrie, The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

Duane Martin, Above the Rim


Bobby Joe Hill, Glory Road

Calvin Cambridge, Like Mike

Quincy McCall, Love & Basketball

Kenyon Stone, Coach Carter

John Tucker, John Tucker Must Die

Ricky Roe, Blue Chips


Jamal Jefferies, Juwanna Mann

Coffee Black, Semi-Pro

Rufio, Hook

Odin James, O (Othello)

Jim Carroll, The Basketball Diaries


Monix, Semi-Pro

Elliot Richards, Bedazzled

Lewis Scott, Celtic Pride

Jamal Wallace, Finding Forrester

Ellen Ripley, Alien


Monica Wright, Love & Basketball

Bugs Bunny, Space Jam

Lola Bunny, Space Jam

Air Bud, Air Bud

Jimmy Dolan, The Air Up There

Sandy Lyle, Along Came Polly


Sorry to break this to you, but, my squad of:

PG: Bobby Joe Hill ($4)

SG: Sidney Deane ($5)

SF: Ripley ($2)

PF: Ty Crane ($6)

C: Neon Boudeaux ($8)

Isn't losing to anyone. Two floor generals, the "one and only" unstoppable Ty Crane, the most dominating big man to ever bless Hollywood, and a freakishly athletic alien mother.

If you think you can do better, comment below...