Watch Japanese superstar Shohei Omani crush a baseball out of a domed stadium

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Shohei Otani is perhaps the world's most fascinating baseball player. The 22-year-old Japanese superstar can do some amazing things both on the mound and at the plate.

In the past year, he's thrown a 102 mph fastball -- the fastest pitch ever recorded in Japanese baseball -- and posted a 1.86 ERA in 20 starts as a pitcher, while also hitting .322 with 22 home runs as an outfielder. Pretty unreal.

Over the weekend, Omani provided a fantastically weird baseball highlight during a preliminary World Baseball Classic friendly when he literally smashed a baseball out of the stadium. That'd be an impressive feat in any baseball stadium, but it's especially awe-inspiring at the Tokyo Dome -- an aptly-named stadium with a roof over it.

The ball somehow found its way between the cracks of the roofing and disappeared out of play, leaving pretty much everyone in the stadium incredibly confused as to what should happen next. Despite the fact that the ball was absolutely mashed and probably would have it over the outfield wall for a home run, the official call on the play was a ground rule double.

That seems...unfair.