Warriors debut practice jerseys with ads on them

There's a creeping sense of inevitability in the NBA, and it has nothing to do with the overpowering intelligence of LeBron James or the unguardable wonder that is Stephen Curry. Instead, it's all about the clothes on the players' backs during games.

When the league reached agreement with its current broadcast partners in last year, there were reports that the agreement included plans for what to do in the case that the NBA allows advertisements on jerseys. And that Rubicon may very well have been crossed, as the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday unveiled practice uniforms featuring an advertisement on the right breast/shoulder:

It doesn't appear to be the very first time a team has made such a decision; there are pictures of Chris Paul in a New Orleans Hornets practice shirt emblazoned with a Chevron logo, and the Pacers announced this offseason plans to include an ad on their practice jersey.

According to Diamond Leung of the Mercury News, the Warriors will wear the ads on their practice jerseys for the duration of the 2015-16 season:

There are no indications that the NBA has approved ads on jerseys in-game. But it seems fair to wonder if this is the next step toward that end.