Von Miller is the Geek Squad's newest agent

Von Miller had himself a busy start to the offseason after being named Super Bowl MVP. The Denver Broncos pass rusher made appearances on every TV show possible, including "Dancing with the Stars."

He likely didn't have much downtime in the past two months, but he found enough gaps in his schedule to join the Geek Squad. According to his Instagram account, he applied on Sunday because he's "a geek" and has "always wanted to join 'The Squad.'"

On Monday, Miller shared a couple of posts from his first day on the job.

While Miller is technically a Geek Squad agent, it's (sadly) only for a day. It's a part of Best Buy's promotion of their new Toyota Prius cars, which Miller is helping to show off.

And don't think for a second that those glasses aren't just for show -- Miller is a self-proclaimed nerd, as well as a chicken farmer.