Virginia Tech safety Michael Cole taken off field in ambulance after hit against Seminoles

A Virginia Tech player taken off the field in an ambulance Thursday night suffered no serious injuries, the team's head trainer said.

Safety Michael Cole lay motionless on the field for nearly 10 minutes in the third quarter of the Hokies' game against No. 8 Florida State.

"Michael Cole suffered a cervical neck sprain this evening," head trainer Mike Goforth said in a statement released after the game. "He was conscious on the field, able to move all extremities, but had neck pain and numbness in the upper extremities."

Goforth said a CT scan was negative for any fracture and Cole was to be released from LewisGale Montgomery Hospital.

Replays showed Cole's head apparently crashing into the side of a Seminoles player on an 11-yard run by Lonnie Pryer.

During the 10-minute delay, most in the crowd stood watching in silence. When the redshirt freshman was placed on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance on the playing field, people in the crowd chanted "Let's Go Hokies! Let's Go Hokies!" as the ambulance drove away.