Trent Williams feels quicker after shedding weight in the offseason

As Washington Redskins veteran left tackle worked to recover from a sprained ligament in his ankle, he had another goal in mind on route to getting 100 percent healthy. Williams wanted to get back to an ideal playing weight, much lighter than where he was in 2014, and he accomplished that.

Williams dropped to roughly 318 pounds and he has immediately felt the difference during early training camp practices after sitting out the team's spring practices.

"I just feel quicker," said Williams, per the Washington Post. "My wind is at an all-time high. I'm stronger at the point of attack. I get to my spot faster. It just helps in every facet of the game."

So how did he do it without rigorously working out while recovering from an injury? Williams did it the old fashioned way. He completely changed his diet and eating habits this.

"Every year I fine-tune my training and my preparation to be better. This year, my thing was to eat better," Williams said.

In fact, Williams used to skip practice without fully realizing what kind of effect it had on his weight maintenance. He credits picking up breakfast as a big factor in finding his optimal weight.

"The more I looked into it, I realize that if you want to speed your metabolism up, you have to fuel your body," Williams said. "Once I picked breakfast up, I noticed a spike in my energy level throughout the day, which enabled me to work out longer and harder."

Williams has looked spry during training camp so far and he is expected to once again man Robert Griffin III's blindside as one of the premier left tackles in the NFL.

(h/t Washington Post)