Texas Rangers Caravan Visits Schools, Inspires Hope in Latino Children

Hispanic members of the Texas Rangers visited several North Texas schools, hoping to use their success to inspire students.

2010 A.L. Rookie of the Year pitcher Neftali Feliz, catcher José Felix, outfielders Nelson Cruz and Engel Beltre participated along with play-by-play announcer Eleno Ornelas.

Oscar Salazar, varsity catcher at Diamond Hill Jarvis High School in Fort Worth, had butterflies in his stomach before seeing Beltre.

"It motivates me to see they made it out from their neighborhood, you know? See where they are at, at the level they play.  It makes me think I can do the same thing if I can strive and work hard," said Salazar.

Beltre said when he was growing up he was encouraged to be a leader, do his best and set an example on and off the field.  He wants to inspire students to do the same.

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"Yeah, that's why we're here for.  Trying to send a message to everybody and so they can look up to us," said Beltre.

The Rangers Hispanic Caravan wrapped up Thursday night with the annual Mexican Leagues Dinner.

Erin Barron is a news producer at KDFW Fox 4 in the Dallas/Forth Worth area.

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