Texas Longhorns showing all the signs of a rebuilding team

For those who expected Texas to shoot right up to contention in the Big 12 and for the national title the moment Charlie Strong took over, his first season was a disappointment, and the second one should be as well, as all the hints point towards a painful rebuilding process for the massive and demanding program, according to Sportige.com.

"We told the older guys, If we're at the midpoint of camp and you're in a dead-heat with freshman, we're going to play the freshman," linebacker coach Brian Jean-Mary said. "So you have to be head-and-shoulders above them to justify us keeping you in there along with the freshman. Because if you play the freshman, it's an investment. You're building for the future."

As Sportige argues, if that's not the talk of a program rebuilding, it's difficult to know what is.

(h/t Sportige)