Spanish soccer player sporting 'Hitler stache' causes social media furor

A Spanish soccer player caused a social media uproar on Wednesday by sharing a photo of himself with a small mustache that many people compared to Hitler’s.

José Enrique, a defender for Liverpool who usually sports a scruffy all-over beard, tweeted and Instagramed a photo with his girlfriend, Amy Jaine, along with the message, “Surprised my girlfriend with a new style of beard this morning, She didn't like it very much … hahahahaha.”

The message didn’t leave some people laughing, however. Among the comments it elicited were: “I hope you don’t got any Jewish followers”; “shocking reference to the Nazis”; “Hitler is back!”; and, possibly most cuttingly, “You look like a French waiter.”

Even so, as of Thursday morning, the message had been retweeted 1,600 times, “favorite” nearly 750 times and liked on Instagram more than 4,000 times.

There’s no indication that the 28-year-old soccer player had any intention of looking like the 20th century’s bloodiest dictator.

José Enrique was born in Valencia, Spain. He spent much of last season injured and he is still trying to return to form for Liverpool, being used only sparingly. He has also played for Newcastle United as well as Villarreal and Valencia.

He has scored three goals in more than 190 club matches.

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