SOCHI SCENE: Olympic flame, seen anew

The most talented of photographers can walk by the same scene over and over and manage to see something new each time. That's what happened with Associated Press photographer David Goldman, who has spent the past three weeks ranging around the Olympic city of Sochi making pictures.

On Friday, he passed the Olympic torch — the same one he has photographed multiple times from many vantage points throughout the month. This time, though, his eye picked up something slightly different.

"I've walked by the torch 100 times and I only noticed that today — the drops of water on the edge of the pool under the cauldron," says Goldman.

The result: this arresting image, taken at dusk, which places the flame in the background and the droplets sharply in focus in the foreground. The kind of photo that when you look at it, you find it difficult to look away.

— By Ted Anthony — Twitter


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