Report: Tiger paid 2 women to keep quiet about sex tape

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Tiger Woods made regular hush money payments to quiet two girls he had a threesome with on tape, The New York Daily News reported Sunday.

The fidelity-challenged superstar golfer was in bed with the pair in Phoenix three years back when he noticed one of them taking pictures or videotaping him with the other girl, the newspaper said, citing a source familiar the situation.

""Tiger goes ballistic. He starts chasing the girl around. She runs out the door. He runs out after her. I don't know how much clothing either of them is wearing, but Tiger finally catches up with her and grabs her cell phone or camera or whatever it was that had the evidence," the source said.

Recognizing the danger the situation posed to Woods' hundreds of millions of dollars in endorsement money, his handlers decided to make regular payments to the women to keep them quiet, the Daily News said.

It's not known what happened to the recording.

Woods has been in the spotlight since being chased from his Florida home the day after Thanksgiving, and reports have since indicated he may had had more than one dozen mistresses. He left a Mississippi sex rehab clinic earlier this month.