Pace University football coach accused of vicious abuse of players

Andy Rondeau, head coach of Pace University’s football team — which once lost 38 straight games — physically and verbally abused players, three former team members claim.

On Oct. 4 in the cafeteria at the Briarcliff campus, an enraged Rondeau, who was recovering from a hip injury, took his crutch and pushed it against a student’s throat, pinning him against a wall. He screamed at him for lining up for the breakfast buffet too early, ex-players Corey Reeder and Ransford Quarrie told The Post.

In an ugly confrontation they also witnessed, the 45-year-old coach, furious after a 33-0 loss to tiny Stonehill College on Oct. 18, wildly threw his crutch through the locker room like a missile, nearly hitting a player recovering from concussion, said the players.

When former wide receiver Sherrod Ford-Cherry, 19, fell asleep in English class and complained to his professor about Rondeau’s grueling training regimen that required him to wake up at 4:30 a.m., the coach sent him a blistering e-mail.

“Quit the football team,” reads the March message, obtained by The Post. “College and college football may not be for you. You may be better suited for an hourly wage job for the rest of your life. Maybe you should go into the Army. The Army would force you to grow up and let your nuts drop.”

Ford-Cherry quit the team in April, saying he was “tired of the verbal lashings.”

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