Olympic gold medalist Dominique Moceanu is again calling for an overhaul of USA Gymnastics, starting with pushing out women's team coordinator Martha Karolyi.

In her memoir "Off Balance," Moceanu repeats claims that Karolyi and husband Bela were cruel while coaching her during the 1990s. She says they were mentally abusive and pushed her beyond her physical limits.

Moceanu told The Associated Press the Karolyis need to be "marginalized" and have been given too much credit for the success of USA Gymnastics. Moceanu, who helped the U.S. win a team gold medal in Atlanta in 1996, made similar claims four years ago.

USA Gymnastics President Steve Penny said while the organization does not dismiss Moceanu's experiences, the Karolyis have been an "integral" part of the U.S. team's success.