NFL Players Association hires Nolan Harrison as director of former player services

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Nolan Harrison was hired by the NFL Players Association on Monday as senior director of former player services.

Harrison played 10 seasons in the NFL and was the player representative for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1998-2000. He also served on the NFLPA's executive committee from 2000-02.

He currently is serving his second three-year term on the NFLPA former players board of directors, is chairman of the health committee, and has served as president of the Phoenix chapter of the NFL Former Players Association.

"To be selected by executive director DeMaurice Smith to this important role and to assist him, all players and staff, in achieving his vision for the NFLPA is a challenge that I relish and I'm looking forward to taking on," Harrison said.

Harrison was a defensive lineman for the Raiders, Steelers and Redskins. In 128 games played, he had 22 sacks before retiring in 2000.

Brig Owens, a member of the Washington Redskins Ring of Fame and a longtime NFLPA figure, sees the 41-year-old Harrison as an important addition to the NFLPA staff.

"He has been a consistent leader and fighter for players' rights and benefits when he was an active player, and now as a former player," Owens said. "In addition, he's a good listener and does not shy away from asking the tough question. He has a clear understanding of the history and continuing struggle of the players."