NCAA to move Ivy League's kickoffs to 40-yard line

The NCAA is experimenting with moving the kickoff location 5 yards in an effort to increase player safety.

On Wednesday, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a rule allowing the Ivy League to kick off from the 40-yard line, rather than the usual 35-yard line, in conference games during the 2016 season.

The touchback spot, in turn, will also move 5 yards to the 20-yard line.

The Ivy League has agreed to collect and report injury data and findings during the 2016 season to see if moving the kickoff location will result in more touchbacks and less kickoff returns, thereby reducing the chance for concussions and other injuries.

The NFL is also experimenting with moving the touchback line to the 25-yard line in an effort to reduce kickoff returns and increase player safety. Though critics have argued that it would be better to get rid of the kickoff altogether.