Michael Jordan's advisor says he won't do business deals for less than $10 million

Michael Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets, which is more than enough proof that he's a fairly wealthy guy. But during a recent lawsuit against a grocery store for using his name without permission, it was revealed just how much, exactly, he earns endorsing products.

His advisor, Estee Portnoy, recently testified on Jordan's behalf in court, and here's a brief summary of one of the more interesting things she had to say, per CBS Sports:

"Jordan protects his brand's value by selling his image rights and endorsements as a 'bundled' package -- not for a single use -- and he won't do business with anyone unless the deal will ultimately be worth at least $10 million, Portnoy said. She added that he only deals with businesses that are 'authentic' to him and 'add value to his brand.'"

Court documents also revealed that Jordan made over $500 million from endorsements alone between 2000 and 2012. These numbers may not swallow you whole, but they're humongous, nonetheless.

The man is a billionaire, after all, and even if he doesn't know how to run a basketball team, Jordan sure knows how to make money off his globally recognized name.

(h/t: CBS Sports)