Los Angeles Rams' Nickell Robey-Coleman getting death threats over controversial play

Los Angeles Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman said Wednesday he has been receiving death threats stemming from the blown pass interference call against the New Orleans Saints nearly two weeks ago.

Robey-Coleman was covering Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis during the NFC Championship game when it appeared Robey-Coleman ran through Lewis before the football got to the spot. No penalty flags were thrown on the play leading to a controversy that has clouded the league ahead of Super Bowl LIII.


Robey-Coleman, who admitted there was pass interference on the play, said some Saints fans were taking their grievances too far.

“There was a little bit of everything,” he said. “Yeah, I had like one or two death threats. I mean, it wasn't anything that I really paid attention to. I think it was just a fake page that was online by somebody that was probably bitter and didn't like the call and they said something on Facebook or Instagram or something. But I ignored them and moved on.”

He was later fined $26,739 for the helmet-to-helmet hit on the play.

“I think the play just happened so fast that nobody could really react to it,” he said. “He was open and the next minute, he was hit and it was incomplete. ... It was just a very fast play that happened and you had to react quick. It was going to be incomplete or pass interference, you know what I'm saying? It was really up to the ref.”

The pass was ruled incomplete and the Rams are now in the Super Bowl getting ready to take on the New England Patriots.

However, the noise surrounding the play hasn’t stopped. Commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday a penalty should have been called and the league might make broader use of instant replay as a result.


Saints coach Sean Payton also commented on the play, saying he coped by eating ice cream and watching Netflix for three days.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.