Baseball or bàngqiú ......that is the question as we prepare to board a plane with the Los Angeles Dodgers and memebers of Major League Baseball headed to watch two nations battle with their national pastimes. Baseball may have started in the U.S., but for years it has been all the rage and once the refuge in Asia.

Click here to see footage of the Dodgers en route to Taiwan

With Ichiro in Seattle and Matsui in New York, some of Asia's biggest players have come here to play ball, but Japan isn't the only hot bed and hasn't been. South Korea, Taiwan and even on the mainland, baseball get's massive crowds.

The Dodgers are continuing baseball's push to become a global sport filled with international support and hope trips like this only build the brand.

We've seen the NBA, NFL and even the NHL head across the pond on either side, baseball continues to do the same and Asia is seen as the bounty for a massive/growing/fanatical sports base.

So off we go to Taiwan on a charter flight form spring training. We will be posting in depth blogs here, behind the scene's pictures, video and reports. I'll also be answering your questions. Play ball...or as they say in Taipei...Kai Qiu!