Kirk Cousins is wearing sunglasses at night to prepare for London game

With the NFL playing games in London now for the 10th year, players and coaches have experimented with a variety of ways to prepare for the change in time zone and scenery. Teams have consulted sleep experts and traveled abroad at various times prior to kickoff in an effort to get players' bodies and minds right.

Now here's Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins with an interesting technique: he's wearing sunglasses at night to help adjust his sleep schedule.

"I'm going to be right now starting to adjust," Cousins said on Monday. "Start getting to bed earlier each night, getting up earlier, wearing sunglasses at night, little things just to try to make that adjustment as quickly as possible so I don't feel it this weekend when we get there. We've got a bye week after that so we'll have time to rest up. We've got to give it all this week."

It's not easy to pull off shades at night or indoors but it certainly can be done, none better than by former Dolphins head coach and current Vikings offensive line coach Tony Sparano.