Jets WR Chris Owusu weighing options after recent concussion

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New York Jets wide receiver Chris Owusu was one of the standout players during training camp this year. He was arguably the best receiver aside from Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker and was making a case to be the team's No. 3 wideout as well as the team's return man.

Unfortunately, a recent concussion has impacted the promising receiver, and it's not the first time he's dealt with a similar situation. It's the fourth concussion he's suffered since his days at Stanford, and it's led him to consider alternative options if football doesn't work out.

"Football is a very, very fun sport," Owusu told Kristian Dyer of Yahoo Sports. "It can be rewarding, but it is also going to take a lot of sacrifice."

Owusu suffered the concussion weeks ago, but has since returned to the field -- and in a big way. On Saturday against the New York Giants, Owusu didn't make a catch but had returns of 41 yards and 32 yards.

But even with success on the field, Owusu has considered using his degree from Stanford to pursue other career paths -- much to the delight of his parents.

"It's tough because I haven't been put in this situation for three years," Owusu said. "My symptoms didn't get worse. It was like, 'hey, I had another concussion.' Obviously you think about long-term risk. I do a lot of things to prepare my head: I read books, I take fish oils. In many ways, I think I'm ahead of people who don't take care of their heads. I'm not thinking too far down the line, I'm just competing."

He may not be thinking too far ahead, but his mom is. She's trying to protect her son in any way possible.

"My mom, she's a mom," he said. "She's told me -- it's been a couple [times] now -- to be careful. 'We support you, but maybe go down more.'

"My parents talked to me about options. It wasn't what to do, it was what to think about moving forward. And I respect my family so much that I listen, I consider it. I will listen."

Owusu is obviously still pursuing his dream of playing in the NFL, but his history of concussions can change that. Hopefully he's able to stay on the field without any more head injuries, but that's not something any player can bet on. For now, he'll continue to open eyes in practice for the Jets.

(h/t Yahoo Sports)