The Israeli national team has reached a compromise with basketball's governing body that will allow an Orthodox Jewish player to compete in the European women's championship on Saturday.

FIBA Europe spokesman Sakis Kontos said point guard Naama Shafir was "given approval" to wear skin-toned elastic sleeves. She had asked to wear a T-shirt under her jersey because Jewish modesty rules require her to cover her shoulders.

FIBA initially refused, saying regulations require all players to wear the same uniform. The Israeli team and Jewish groups denounced the decision as insensitive.

Moti Aksmit, a spokesman for the Israel Basketball Association, said an agreement was reached with FIBA that allows the 21-year-old Shafir to play Saturday against the Czech Republic in Poland.

She plays basketball at Toledo and the NCAA allows her to compete wearing a T-shirt. Her college team also ensures Shafir receives kosher food and doesn't have to drive or practice on the Jewish Sabbath.