Hundreds of fans without Super Bowl tickets due to brokers' errors

Ticket brokers had to call an audible after hundreds of Super Bowl XLIX tickets never arrived, leaving fans with no defense.

According to ESPN, several brokers and resale sites had to refuse tickets to fans who they already bought them for the big game today in Arizona. One fan reportedly paid as much as $2,100 for tickets.

Brokers sell tickets for major sporting events and buy them cheaper closer to the event to make their profits, in a practice called short selling.

This year, many brokers sold tickets for lower prices than past years, making it difficult to get tickets for affordable prices when they went to actually purchase them, ESPN reported.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich told ESPN that as of now, the matter looks like "a civil matter where there might be damages between the patron and person who sold them the tickets."

However, Brnovich's office would not have jurisdiction unless it could prove a company had a habitual record of fraudulent activity, he added.

Brnovich told the website that the NFL could help the problem by holding back tickets and releasing them closer to the Super Bowl.

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