GRAPHIC VIDEO: MMA star knocks out opponent with brutal spinning elbow

MMA star Mzwandile Hlongwa delivered a contender for "knockout of the year" on Saturday, with a chilling one-two combination to floor Torbjorn Madsen — as social media users likened the finish to something out of Street Fighter.

Hlongwa lived up his nickname of “Shakebone” with a devastating technique mirroring that scene in the legendary fighting franchise game.

After a quick one-two combination, Hlongwa unleashed a lightning-quick spinning elbow at Madsen during the EFC 75 encounter in Cape Town, South Africa, Saturday night.

That technique completely fooled Madsen – who subsequently dropped his hands in anticipation of clinch work – and landed flush across the Norwegian’s chin.

The MMA star took multiple blows to the head before eventually dropping to the canvas, as the 5 feet 11 inches, 185-pounder Hlongwa celebrated a sensational win.

One of the stunned commentators perfectly summed up the spectacular incident saying: “Oh, my goodness, oh, my goodness, what just happened!

“One-Two! That was a massive shot. He set it up with a punch and he fell down like a piece of lumber.”

As video footage emerged of the knockout, one social media user simply posted a gif of the street fighter video character, with many seeing the resemblances to it.

Madsen was supervised by medical staff and taken out of the arena on a stretcher, but after recovering from the brutal KO he would later go on to tell TV 2: “I'm in the ambulance now.

“I'm going to a check in the hospital. Everything is fine. This can happen, it’s fun. Well done by him.”

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