Former Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Norm "Wild Man" Willey, who once unofficially racked up 17 sacks in a game, has died aged 83 in a Newark, Del., hospital, the team announced Saturday.

Willey, who died Thursday, was a three-time All-Pro selection (1953-1955) and two-time Pro Bowler (1955 and 1956).

He played 92 games for Philadelphia between 1950 and 1957 and was named to both the Eagles' 75-year All-Star team and All-Century team.

Willey's 17-sack game came on October 26, 1952, against the New York Giants, according to newspaper accounts, but the NFL did not keep official statistics on sacks in those days. If it did, it would stand as a record today.

The current mark is held by linebacker Derrick Thomas, who had seven for the Kansas City Chiefs against the Seattle Seahawks in 1990.

After his playing career, Willey taught physical education and driver's education for 30 years at Pennsville High School in Pennsville, N.J., and also hosted a cable TV program.